Multi-purpose pouch manufacturer

T-TRAXX is a brand of Indian company SILVER TOUCH. As our tagline – “This is a Trend” states, we believe in pioneering and setting a trend. We produce a range of Pouches, Pencil Pouch, School Bags, College Bags, Backpacks, Laptop Backpacks Bags, Lunch Bags etc. We have a wide collection of the Multipurpose pouch in various colors & prints made from lightweight material.


Live Your School Life Style With T-Traxx Bags

Bags are such a thing which could particularly help you to live your overall school lifestyle. Most popular are generally the high school backpacks for guys. High school backpacks help to store a lot of things, and so, you can also use these bags perfectly for trekking purpose. One of the important purchases is considered as the school bag. Many children struggle while carrying their school bags. This is because they generally carry badly fitted as well as heavy school bags.
Carrying heavy school bags is not at all good, and it can certainly result in muscle tension. Along with that, it also leads to the long-term development of bad postural habits and also back pain. When the child plays sport, then the concentration of the child could be mainly affected or impacted at the school. So, heavy bags are considered as the major source of the problems for kids, and for this, the child usually gets upset while going to school.  For this, firstly you should look for a bag with padded back. Also, the adjustable shoulder straps for the bags should be both padded and also wide. The bag should also consist of a hip belt and a chest strap.
You should also make sure that the bag should be of the correct size. A too much bigger bag will generally hit against the bottom of your child as he walks. Also, the upper edge of the school bag should be generally in level with the shoulders of the child.


Multi-Coloured Hand Bags

Express Bags is a brand of an Indian company SILVER TOUCH. The name EXPRESS is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship, comfort, satisfaction and fair price with a sense of refined ease. Our collection consists of printed handbags, tote bags, tiffin bags, shopping bags, and sling bags that are made out of nylon and polyester fabric, which are PU and PVC coated to make the bags washable & waterproof. We have a wide collection of multi-colored handbags that suits your daily routine and fashion.


The red colour shows your confidence, Since a long time. the colour shade has been associated with courage, strength and the passion to achieve something in life. Women who are running a business often carry a green backpack for a laptop. In fact, the colour denotes prosperity, growth and luck. The bag could just be a lucky charm at work whenever the individual is dreaming to achieve something in their life. If you hardly have the time to step out for shopping, then you can go through the collection of backpack bags for men and purchase a suitable bag.